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Stylists Rockin' the hair world, one head at a time!
hair_ninjas is all about The Wonderful World of Hair. We are geared toward professional stylists, but even if you are aren't certified, if you know your shit we invite you to share you knowledge and experiences!!


Anything related to the hair universe!
+ questions on styling products
+ show off that sick cut & color you did last week
+ get help with that color correction your mother in law needs
+ ask for advice on an issue with a co-worker
+ sell that old flat iron to make room for your brand new one
+ share new techniques and ideas


1. No promotion of outside communities without permission.
2. No spamming the community. If you have something salon-related you would like to sell, please keep posts for it down to once a week.
3. Kindly use an lj-cut after your first picture, and keep that first picture at a reasonable size if you don't mind.
4. Don't be an asshole.
5. Note that the mod(s) reserve the right to delete posts or ban users for any reason they see fit.

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